1-Free pre-sale consultation

iGOLDENCNC provides quick response of pre-sales and free technical support , quick response within 10 minutes, and a clear reply within 2 hours (8: 00-18: 00 on weekdays), which can provide users with any type of technical support.

2-Free sample testing

iGOLDENCNC provides free sample testing and technical support. According to the materials specified or sent by the customer, samples are made according to customer requirements and sample videos are taken.

3-Professional CNC solutions

iGOLDENCNC’s product lines cover woodworking engraving machines, stone engraving machines, mold engraving machines, laser machines, plasma machines and other full-line CNC machinery and equipment. With over 10 years of industry experience, it provides advanced application solutions for all distributors and users.

4-Customer reception

iGOLDENCNC provides key information such as invitation letters for potential customers who visit the factory, and provides car pick-up and delivery services throughout the visit. Engineers accompany customers to provide detailed and comprehensive explanations, demonstrations, and proofing to solve customers’ doubts.

5-Fast delivery within 7 days

iGOLDENCNC has a large number of production and inventory items. For these items, we provide fast delivery in 7 days. For large machines and special requirements, we will treat you as a priority customer and produce your goods as soon as possible.


1- 2-year warranty

iGOLDENCNC provides 2-year warranty and after-sale service on our machines. If you become our long-term customer, we will extend the warranty period especially for you.

2-Fast feedback and after-sales service in 12 hours

We will provide you with “training videos”, “instruction manuals”, “operation manuals” that are easy to learn and operate.

We will provide a manual with simple troubleshooting of the machine, which will help you deal with common problems on the machine.

We will provide a lot of technical support and after-sale service online, just like detailed technical and installation instructions. For example, when you encounter a maintenance problem, we will make a complete and detailed video of the operation process based on the problem, it seems that I am on your side to guide you on how to deal with the problem.

3-Fast spare parts and technical assistance

Our large amount of spare parts inventory means that replacement parts will be delivered to you as soon as you are in demand. Get technical help right away by email or phone.

4-Free training services

We insist on hands-on training for customers on each machine sold. The training is free and we will cooperate with you to ensure that you operate comfortably with your new machine.

We feel proud of our expertise and educational ability for installing, properly maintaining and most effectively using iGOLDENCNC machines.

5-Special design, customized, OEM order

iGOLDENCNC is willing to help you realize your special ideas and requirements with our innovative ability. Therefore, when you need specially designed or customized machines and OEM machines, please contact us immediately.