This 5 axis CNC water jet machine is an upgraded version of the ordinary five axis water jet cutter. It adopts AC axis design and can realize NC five axis (X, Y, Z, A, C) linkage. Now it has been put into the market, and Received a warm welcome. Because the water jet cutter is a cold cutting, which does not produce thermal effects, deformation, slagging, and ablation during cutting, and does not change the physical and chemical properties of the material.The water jet cutting machine can Easily realize flat cutting, 3D cutting, and cutting at any angle.

This CNC water jet machine can be used on a three-axis platform Realize the plane and 3D cutting of the workpiece.Meanwhile this AC five-axis water jet glass cutting machine can easily solve the problems of arc plate cutting, cylindrical cutting, conical cutting, spiral blade cutting, etc. And after cutting, the cutting surface is neat and smooth, and will not damage the object being cut during the cutting process. It can even perform many cutting operations that cannot be achieved by cutting tools.

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    Product Parameter

    Technical indicators parameter
    Model iGWJ-4020
    Platform size 4200*2200mm
    Cutting stroke 4000*2000*150mm
    A axis rotation Angle ±60°
    C axis rotation Angle Infinite rotation
    Max. cutting speed 20m/min
    Max. running speed 50m/min
    Cutting accuracy ±0.1mm
    Rotating accuracy ±0.1°
    Control accuracy ±0.05mm
    Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
    Platform Steel platform
    CNC garnet feeder Taiwan FLOW sype
    Motor servo Japan Yaskawa servo motor
    Guide rail Taiwan HIWIN
    Screw Taiwan HIWIN
    Gear rack Imported rack and pinion from Switzerland
    Control system WEIHONG
    Electrical element Schneider 

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    Sample image

    1. Typical applications in the field of metal cutting: decoration, machine equipment shell, metal parts, etc.;
    2. Glass cutting: household appliance glass, lamps and lanterns, sanitary products, process glass, automobile glass;
    3. Ceramic and stone cutting: art puzzle;
    4. Clean water cutting of soft materials: automotive interior, sponge foam;
    5. Cutting of inflammable and explosive materials with low melting point.


    3D AC 5 axis cutting head

    1. The cutting resultis much better. When cuttingshaped sharp corners or continuous sharp corners, there is no obvious zero point at the corners;
    2. Wide range of processes. It can makecylindrical parquet, large angle chamfer and other drawing which AB five-axis waterjet can not be completed;
    3. High processing efficiency. The C axis rotates infinitely, and the corner speed is fast,which improves the processing efficiency.


    Adopt industrial PC + WEIHONG system

    Dedicated water jet cutting software with graphic simulation running function, graphic input automatic programming function.

    • Support for DXF files.
    • Support forward and reverse processing functions.
    • Uniform speed control function.
    • Two modes of segmentation and smooth machining.
    • Automatic processing with small arc speed.


    Abrasive feeder

    Provide sand storage function for water knife, and automatically transport sand to the sand bucket. It can improve the automation degree of equipment and reduce the labor intensity of operators. The high precision sensor alerts the operator when sand is needed and can be used for 8-10 hours. No electronic control, simple operation, reliable, maintenance-free

    HP servo direct drive pump

    1. Energy saving
    2. Environmental protection: servo direct drive, no hydraulic system, with self-cooling function.
    3. High efficiency
    4. Low noise: Almost no noise while working.
    5. Small weight: The total weight of direct drive pump is less than 600kg, and the movement is flexible.

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